Can I move the eeros?

We recommend against moving the eeros because our technicians placed them for best Wi-Fi coverage.

Moving them may impact quality of service. If you absolutely need to move the eeros, keep them in the same general area.


Here are some eero placement guidelines:

Place eeros on a hard, flat surface, midway between floor and ceiling, such as on a desk, shelf, or counter.
• Don’t place eeros on the floor.
• Don’t put eeros on soft surfaces that don’t allow for space beneath them to breathe.

Place eeros in an open space away from things that can obstruct or interfere with the
Wi-Fi signal.
• Don’t place eeros in an enclosed box, cabinet, closet, etc.
• Avoid metal like fridges, mirrors, metal walls or doors.
• Avoid microwaves and keep at least 20-30 feet away.
• Avoid cordless phones that use 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
• Don’t put directly under or next to fluorescent lights.

Avoid placements where the business’s guests and customers can access and tamper
with the eeros.
• When placing multiple eeros, place them so that they can talk to each other.
• Placing in the direct line of sight is best.
• Ideally, eeros are spaced apart by no more than 25 ft but can be placed up to 40 ft apart if there
are no walls.
• Instead of placing an eero in a dead zone, place it halfway between the gateway unit and dead zone.